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Truly Free Project and Planning Tools - for All of Us
Always Free - Always Unlimited
Communicate & Share
CrossPrep is...


An intuitive social platform to help people organize, share, and manage projects from concept to completion. What we built is a project management and planning app for – project planning, list keeping, sharing ideas, centralization, collaboration, organizing, prioritizing, setting start dates and due dates, assigning accountability, and delivery enhancement on projects of all types and sizes. 

Unlimited Free Use 

Yeah, go ahead and throw your hands in the air and keep your credit card in your pocket.  CrossPrep is 100% free.  All features, unlimited projects, users, files, and communications.  

As great as it is to save that $$$, we think there is a more compelling reason to be excited about free.  Imagine you want to use HiveBoard to centralize communications file sharing with a thousand business accounts, or share your wedding details with hundreds of guests.  With CrossPrep you can do all of those things for free.  

We love it when you share!!

Central Sharing and Communication
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We are here to assist. Also learn more about the company, people, and jobs...


Use cases are a great way to explore how other people are using CrossPrep's project management platform to organize and deliver on their ideas.

We also think it's worth checking out our tutorials.  Although CrossPrep was designed to be intuitive there are a few key features worth exploring more deeply.

For example;  Multiple Personas is one of the coolest new features in the platform.  We think you're going to love it.  

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