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Project; Moving to a New Home

Jen and Pete just found out that they will be moving from Europe to the US for a new work opportunity.

They only have four months to complete the move.

Jen is the organized one, and will be leading the moving effort. Pete needs reminders to do his parts.

Jen is already feeling overwhelmed with a list of over 50 important things to get done, including buying a house site unseen.

Jen chose HiveBoard as the planning tool to help her and Pete get accomplish the process.





EU >>

Budget $$

Animals - US requirements, transport, vet requirements

Autos - US reqs, transport, customs

Travel - staggered arrival schedule, customs schedule meet up

Stuff - keep/sell/junk, pack, customs, moving company, meet up at house or storage

Banking/Insurance - close EU accounts


US >>

Budget $$

Customs meetings - animals, cars, furniture/stuff

Banking/Insurance - open US accounts

Stuff - Customs, moving company, house/storage options



Budget $$


Realestate Agents

Mortgage Agents

Finance / Legal

Listing Research Tools - location, amenities, public transportation, community services, schools, price,

Check List - Cable, utilities, insurance, local regulations

3rd Part Contractors - Inspections, repairs...


Job Research Tools



Local Economy



Research Tools

Medical Requirements

Enrollment Requirements and Dates

Extra Curricular Activities Requirements and Dates

This move / new house project is complex. HiveBoard makes the complex simple, reduces time and friction, and is flat out a better way to manage projects of all sizes. Below is an example of how Jen used HiveBoard to go from a long list of to-do's to a highly manageable process with centralization, assignments, and due date reminders.


Below is the planning setup that Jen created based on the above list of things that needed to get done.

She created one 5 separate Projects for each major area that needs to get done.

Left column the green dots indicate what is assigned to Jen. There are also a variety of status indicators, including dates as set by Jen.

Middle column are shareable note, files, and links. Jen has some listing notes and at the bottom a note to Pete.

Right column shows people who have been given access to the project. In this case Jen and Pete.

As you can see in the right column Jen shared the project set with Pete. Next we will look at what Pete needs to do and how he was alerted to engage.

Now that Jen has shared the home buying and moving Projects with Pete he can get involved.

Below is what Pete sees on accepting these projects.

Under the Project 'MY BIG MOVE' Pete can see all the sub projects related to the move and new home purchase.

On the Project ‘HOUSE HUNTING’ Pete can see a notification telling him that there is something to attend.

Next we will look at how Pete finds what Jen has assigned him...

Left column, As Pete clicks on the ‘HOUSE HUNTING’ project Pete can see notifications guiding him to what he needs to attend.

Left column, Pete can also see the green dot on ‘New Home Listings - The BIG List’ indicating that Task is specifically assigned to him. The Task also has Attend in red text.

Middle column, Pete sees the note from Jen asking him to final review the list. Above that note is the link to the Google doc with the list for review.

Right column, Pete can see the due date and status.

Next will see how Pete finished his task and assigned it back to Jen.

After Pete reviewed the list of homes he did three things.

1) Added a note telling Jen he was done.

2) Marked the status complete.

3) Assigned it back to Jen

Below is Jen’s view of Pete’s completed work.

Link to Google Presentation:

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