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At CrossPrep our mission is to empower individual creativity and social results.


What is CrossPrep?

CrossPrep is a intuitive social platform to help people plan, organize, share, and manage projects from concept to completion.  



Current Status:

Public Release, March 2017.  

But you can start now if you found this page;)




CrossPrep is about people.  Our users, partners, and employees are our most important assets.  Good software is the output of great people.

Who can work at CrossPrep?

Everyone.  Although we have a limited paying positions, we have unlimited internship opportunities and it's where we pull our paid employees from.


Where do people work?

Everywhere.  We're a virtual team located across the globe.  When we do get together in person it's at a table to break bread and socialize. Otherwise we work when and where it makes the most sense.


How do we work?

Really well.  The flexibility of time and place allow more work production and more time for the reasons we work.  With tools like Skype, Join.ME, and CrossPrep we're exactly as connected as we need to be.


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Our Address

630 Manuel T Freitas Pkwy #102b, San Rafael, CA 94903

Call Us

Tel: (415) 488-5317

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