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CrossPrep is about people.  

Our users, partners, and employees are our most important assets.  We live by the idea that if you give the right people the right tools, training, focus, and flexibility people will thrive professionally and personally.   People who are thriving, focused and well equipped make great things.  It's simple really.

Who can work at CrossPrep?

Everyone.  Although we have a limited number of paying positions, we have unlimited internship opportunities and it's often where we pull our paid employees from. Our program is unique and offers things that others don't - yet.  

Where do people work?

Everywhere.  We're a virtual team located across the globe.  When we do get together we break bread, drink wine, and socialize. Otherwise we work when and where it makes the most sense.

People use CrossPrep to: 

Manage complex software development projects,  share a file,  plan a wedding,  manage a marketing campaign,  start a business,  plan an anniversary,  plan a vacation, business account management, create a bucket list,  manage a home remodel,  plan for college,  organize a job search,  organize a recruiting effort,  manage your kids sports schedules,  run a research project,  plan and manage a marketing event, create a business - accomplish more in less time.

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