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Consulting Specialist Internships

The CrossPrep internship program is large in scope, in fact it is unlimited. The program covers all major areas of business and includes significant real world philanthropic consulting. Our locations currently include over 100 universities across the US and will eventually expand to global institutions. It's just as important to us as any of our commercial initiatives.

What is Philanthropy Consulting?

Our internship program centers on philanthropic work. Meaning the skills that our interns learn are packaged into consulting programs and offered to organizations that are doing good for people and communities. Philanthropic organizations always need help. Our contribution is to provide skilled interns to consult and tools to create efficiency. The CrossPrep platform is of course the primary tool used to help organize the work.

Note; this is not standard volunteer work. This is about high level strategic consulting and project based deployments.

Choosing a Specialization.

A consulting specialist is an intern who has a diverse or specialized major/skill set/interest, such as computer science, biology, legal, business, architecture, etc... Perhaps a biology major would be best suited to help an organization like the Sierra Club with planning an environmental research project. A business intern might help a national organization with fundraising strategy. A design student might help a local organization with a visual impact project. The types of specializations needed are nearly unlimited.

Choosing a Position Level.

There are several internship levels available, ranging from Director level to Specialist. Director and management levels require some form of managerial experience, and will entail more time for management duties. A Specialist is simply applying very specific skills to our clients tactical needs.

If this sounds exciting and your ready to hustle please apply. Expect 3 interviews.

Interview 1; How do you see this playing out / what do you want to accomplish.

Interview 2; Based on guidance from us you will get some areas to research and refine your plan.

Interview 3; You will present yet another refinement of your plan. We’ll decide together if this is really right for you.

Here are a few tips to increase your odds in the interviews to come:

Research a few organizations you might think to help in this way.

Consider how you would contribute.

Makeup a case of how you might help an organization. What would their benefit be, what would your benefit be, how would your team benefit.

Application Process:

It is critical that you follow each step of the application process.

Signup for a CrossPrep account. SIGN UP >

Create a Project. The project name should be [ Your Name - Position Applying For ].

In the notes of your Project add your name, contact information, and LinkedIN profile.

Also add a link and/or upload your resume.

Upload your cover letter. Your cover letter is VERY important to us, feel at liberty to expand your thoughts and ideas.

Share the project with;

Optionally you may add various Goals and Tasks to your project that you feel reflect who you are, what you are interested in, and your enthusiasm for the CrossPrep product.

Our subsequent communications with you will be within a week and inside the platform as a notes, so keep an eye open.


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