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CrossPrep Philanthropic Consulting Services.  

We at CrossPrep are dedicated to helping those who help others.  Our Philanthropic consulting services are cost free for qualified non profit organizations who help individuals and communities.   

Services Offered.

We have business and marketing specialists to help with your strategic growth planning.  Our scientific and engineer consultants are there to help you plan and execute your technical initiatives.  Our computer science consultants are there to help you upgrade and deploy new technologies.  The range of our service offerings are as broad as our talent pool is deep.

Our Consultants?

Our consulting talent pool is deep and wide, and coming from over 100 of the top universities in the US, and soon globally.  All of our consulting specialists are interns.  The staff at CrossPrep treat our philanthropy intern consulting program as seriously as any of our commercial initiatives.  We have a rigorous training and qualification program to ensure the highest levels of service for our clients, and richest learning experience for our intern consultants.

How it Works.

If you have a specific project you need help with, or just want to learn more, use the contact form below.  One of our business development consultants will arrange to have an introduction to scope your specific needs.  If there is a match, a CrossPrep staff member will be assigned to the project. Next we will refine the scope of work, timing, and team needed to meet your objectives.

Let us know how we can help you help others...


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Our Address

630 Manuel T Freitas Pkwy #102b, San Rafael, CA 94903

Call Us

Tel: (415) 488-5317

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